Georgetown Merchants Association Meeting Minutes

First: A big thank you to Sami at House of Smith for hosting our meeting! House of Smith sponsored our Festival Street Stage at Carnival, as well as being a donor to the GMA. Thank you for helping to sustain our mission to improve the neighborhood!

5pm – 6pm: Board Meeting
Board members in attendance: 
Dawna Holloway – President
Michelle Harvey – Treasurer
Ian Otto – Voting Member
San Farazzaino – Voting Member
Lisa Lee – Voting Member
John Bennett – Voting Member
D. Wiest – Voting Member
Megan Elslip – Executive Director

Carnival Report 
$10k cost overrun – 5k for power tool races, 5k more for insurance than in the past
$18k of one time grant will not be available next year
John states $5k for security is too high
First year with EMT, cost was $1500
2023 was too expensive
We need to do more planning ahead of time and start in September
Simple site maps and designs can be done by members instead of hired out
Megan to send post event survey to businesses
Need more GMA members involved.

  • Paid vs volunteer:
  • Info booth
  • Garbage picking crew
  • Extra staffing for day
  • Drink tickets sales
  • 2 hours shifts?

Producer was working too much as a point person to explain the event to business owners.
Power Tools draws a lot of people.
Lay out is not great, can be reconfigured to encourage visitors to visit different areas, as well as save money on permitting.
ROLL: Need a volunteer to manage street vendors. Volunteer coordinator.
Ideas: Big Wheel Races
Insurance is really high! Jerry went to 12 companies this year. Non-negotiable expense that is 3x what it used to be.

Ian Otto: BIA
Special zone set up by the city. Managed by the community org.
60% of area economic value has to sign on to agree for the city
Levy: set by the governing body of the BIA
10 others in Seattle e.g. Tourist one 2.00
150-250K raised per year, business advocacy, pays for director and it’s own administration
GMA would be in charge of the BIA
Examples of area of BIA’s

  • SODO. Annual budget 600k, Erin Goodman Executive Director
  • West Seattle is a BIA

GMA needs to evolve and expand it’s mission to include other industries and parts of the neighborhood.
Gardner/street clean up : BIA does this
Georgetown re-naming brought up.
Need to set goals for BIA.

New Board Voting
Dawna stepping down as board president. 
Board Member must be on every committee, regular members can join any committee lead by a board member.

Board votes to elect:
President: Ian Otto
Vice President: Dee

Board votes to re-elect:
Secretary: Kerry
Treasurer: Michelle

Sponsorship Requests
San Genaro festival 500.00 sponsorship, GMA waiting on carnival final dollars to determine amount awarded.

Bacon Strip Drag:
Sylvia O’Stayformore seeking sponsorship for free drag show at Trailer Park Mall, to cover sound system expense. Tribute show for Hecklina, who passed in April. 
Ask is for sound sponsorship: $500
Second sat. in August
Need to look at final financials for Carnival
Contact info:

Mike Davis asking for interview about Art Attack.

Looking for another executive director
BIA experience a plus
Ian and Megan will redo the job description.

End Notes:
Need to transition bank account and grant from Dawna to Ian
Switching banks from Sound Credit Union to Banner

6pm-7pm: General Meeting

House of Smith introduction
Member intros
 – Bambi mentions that criminals dressed in orange hazard vests are stripping cars in broad daylight, pretending they are “fixing” cars.

Drag Show: Benjamin Blair presents for sponsorship of Hecklina tribute show.

Carnival Wrap Up
Megan to send out survey to businesses to get a read on area sales for the day
Suggestion to move it off an Art Attack date
$10,000 loss on Carnival
More sponsorship needed – area businesses like Sub Pop are able to use it as a day to promote a sale, but not helping sponsor
Save dollars by earlier planning
Attendee numbers?
Know your audience, much of the audience was either young families or older couples, not as many people in their 20s/30s trying to party and drink.

Board Change Announcement
Ian Otto new president
We are looking for a new Executive Director 

Arts District:
Cyra Jane hired to do arts and administration work
Intent to bring the neighborhood together through arts.
Coalition meeting Tuesday June 27th
Send invite to GMA
At Steam plant classroom
Supports Arts and Culture

Safe Lots discussion with Dawn (ZOOM)
Dawn explains that several different service providers and community groups are trying to get a plan for vehicle safe lots off the ground, so people living in vehicles can have a more stable living environment. Vehicle residents who are committed to engaging in good neighbor agreements, noise agreements, etc.
Proposed included services (stabilizing measures) for safe lot residents: case management, garbage pickup, fire extinguishers, mobile hygiene stations, fresh water deliveries.

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